It takes a certain amount of hubris to write a memoir. Think about it. In writing a book about your own life, you are saying, “my life is exceptionally interesting and I think that everyone should know about it.”

I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning. I’ve never seriously considered my life as fascinating enough to write about it. But what is a blog but an informal memoir of my experiences and thoughts? So here I am, one more voice in the ether vying for attention.

I doubt anyone even knows this blog exists, so I have two distinct advantages. 1) I can write whatever I want. 2) I feel no pressure to update. So this will probably just end up being a catch all for my weird and randoms thoughts.

Today’s proverb: never use words if you don’t know their meaning. You only look stupider when you do that.



These are the lovely sample nail wraps that I received from @EspionageMakeup. I was given the opportunity to be a nail model for them and I jumped at the chance! They have a ton of designs and all of them are delightfully nerdy and beautiful. Everyone should buy them!!!

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Just to let you know, this blog is to discuss and explore art. I will be posting some of my own art, but mostly it will be other people’s. I am not limiting the scope so this should include traditional art, plays, dance, design, etc. I’ll update at least weekly on things I have discovered or old favorites.